La Distillerie launches delivery

Monday April 6 2020.
As of April 7th, residents of the South Shore and central Montreal will be able to have products developed by our chef, Marie-Pier Morin, delivered right to their door, along with wine, beer, or emblematic La Distillerie cocktail bases.
Philippe Haman, CEO La Distillerie and Marie-Pier Morin, Head Chef
  1. Complete meals for events on the Québécois calendar For each event on the annual Québécois calendar, chef Marie-Pier will elaborate and prepare a themed menu for 2 people (or for 1 person who wants delicious leftovers!) with all the elements for a successful evening! Meals will be delivered on Saturdays, at your door, fresh, in recyclable or compostable reheatable packages. You'll be able to reheat your meal when you're ready to enjoy it solo or with family members.
  2. An online grocery store with ready-to-eat dishes and frozen vacuum-sealed items. To our complete meal offer, we add some ready-to-reheat meals and frozen items to complete your homemade meals. Most of the products in our store come from our food offer at La Distillerie No.4 in Longueuil.
  3. A beer and wine offer to combine with your food order. Restaurant permit law allows us to sell beer and wine to accompany food on delivery, and we're going to take full advantage of that! Count on us to offer you products from our favourite wine agencies and local brewers.
  4. Spirit-free mixes to replicate La Distillerie's cocktails in your kitchen! We know, it's not easy to replicate cocktail recipes with 4 or more ingredients in our own kitchen... We therefore decided to offer our spirit-free cocktail bases on delivery. Mixes will be delivered in a vacuum-sealed pouch, to store in the refrigerator. Simply open the pouch, pour on ice and mix with your favourite base spirit!
  5. A delivery service for the South Shore and central Montreal. For the moment, our products will only be available for delivery in order to reduce contamination risks in our production kitchen. Deliveries will be made on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for the South Shore and central Montreal. Fees of 7.50$ will be added to your bill. However, delivery is free for orders of 75$ and more.
La Distillerie in a few words. La Distillerie group is 3 BYOF (bring your own food) cocktail bars and one hostel on the island of Montrea along with a restaurant in Old Longueuil, where we aim to serve a high-quality product in a cozy and convivial atmosphere. Beyond preparing and serving cocktails, we want to create spaces where people can come together and connect, and where you can feel welcome regardless of your age, where you're from, and whether you've chosen to wear your jogging pants or your bowtie to go out. Our vision is to create communities where the fear of strangers doesn’t exist; where people interact with an open mind, in hopes of conquering solitude.